Covid-19 Accommodations available

Welcome to CrossWay! We want to inform you of special accommodations that are available to you in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Inside our building masks are optional, with the exception of one room (the Youth Room) where we require masks at all times and social distancing, and provide a safe space on Sunday mornings for those who need to take greater precautions for their health and/or the safety of their loved ones. This room is located in the rear of the building and has a separate Entrance/Exit from the outside so there is no need to walk through potentially crowded areas of the church to get where you’re going. In addition to running a HEPA filter in this room throughout Sunday mornings, we prepare the space for you by sanitizing door handles, tables, and any other nonporous, high-touch surfaces before you arrive. The service will be live-streamed into the room on a large TV so you can join us in corporate worship and the preaching of the Word. There is also plenty of space in the room for little ones to play and wiggle. When others in the congregation come to the Youth Room to fellowship with you, they will respect the mask requirement, social distancing (at least 6 feet apart), and be mindful of the room’s capacity before entering. If you need directions to the Youth Room, please ask an Usher or anyone at the Welcome Center.