Our Pastor

Pastors lead the church through the preaching and teaching of sound doctrine from the Word of God, proclaiming Jesus Christ, and envisioning and encouraging the congregation to love and worship God while growing together in biblical fellowship. 

Jim Brown

Jim Brown (pictured here with his wife, Tammy) joined the pastoral team at Crossway Community Church in 2012 after graduating from Sovereign Grace Churches Pastors' College. Jim is committed to the study of God's Word and its application in the life of the church. He is amazed by God's pursuit of His people and the grace He supplies each day. Jim and Tammy have been members of Crossway since 2004, are native Floridians, live in Niceville, and have four daughters.

As pastor, Jim's responsibilities include preaching and teaching God's Word, providing vision and direction for church life, pastoral care, and leadership of the pastoral team.

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