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CrossWay Community Church began in 1992 as a small gathering of families worshiping together in a Niceville living room. Over time these families added other believers until Immanuel Fellowship was born and began meeting in a community center in south Okaloosa county. The church leaders later learned about and came to love Sovereign Grace Ministries, which was at that time a parachurch organization called PDI. In 1997, Immanuel Fellowship was adopted as a Sovereign Grace church and christened New Life Community Church.

As the church continued to grow, we rented schools to hold our Sunday meetings, but our desire grew to be firmly rooted in a specific community. To that end in 2009, we reestablished ourselves in the growing city of Crestview and received our current name, CrossWay Community Church. Ten years later, God provided the opportunity to purchase our home downtown, a long vacant building that was first a post office and then a YMCA. In 2020, after a brief stint meeting in a local restaurant, we joyfully moved in.

Some of the families in our fellowship can still remember those earliest days of our church’s history, but many more are here only for a season while stationed at one of the local military bases. No matter where we have gathered or how large our family has been, when we look back, we see the constant faithfulness of our God. He has blessed us with partnership abroad and at home that keeps us rooted in the Gospel. May He receive all the glory, now and forever, for what He has done.

This is His church!