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Moving into our home downtown was an important milestone in our history, and it seemed a natural time to revisit how CrossWay presents itself to our community. In such a visually driven culture and age, we specifically wanted to be intentional about how we presented ourselves through an image. A team of several church members collaborated to develop our church logo in a way which, we hope, illustrates our commitment to the Word and our love for our neighborhood.

At first glance, our logo resembles a stained glass window, a traditional church symbol. That hearkening back to a rooted tradition represents our own staunch commitment to sound doctrine and to historical, orthodox Christian teaching. Central to the logo is, of course, the cross, that beautiful symbol of the gospel, the source of all our hope and joy. No specific color is elevated above another in our logo, but rather a whole array of diverse hues comes together to create one beautiful whole — and we hope our church body reflects such a celebration of God’s plan to adopt people of every nation, tribe, people, and language into His family.

Because the move to our building in the heart of Crestview inspired the development of this new logo, we wanted to capture our heart for this home within the symbol for our church family. Thus, the actual map image of our city block and properties is the design: property lines are the stained glass “panes,” the streets are the cross, the neighborhood is the logo. Just like that stained glass design images our roots in the historicity of our faith, the city block design declares our roots in our community. This county, this city of Crestview, these downtown streets and neighborhoods are loved by God and by us, and we rejoice at the gift we have been given to proclaim His good news in this place.