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SGC GlobalSovereign Grace Churches

Being part of a family of churches is both a priority and a privilege for us at CrossWay. We belong to Sovereign Grace Churches, a growing family of global Christian fellowships. With SGC, we share a vision to establish and support local churches, a passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ, a commitment to doctrinal distinctives, and a desire to see the members of our churches glorify God in their public and private lives. As part of its commitment to equip and develop local churches, Sovereign Grace provides resources like books and music, holds conferences, and trains new leaders at their Pastors College. For more information, visit the SGC website, and to see how this partnership shapes CrossWay’s beliefs and practices, read about our distinctives, our shared values, our culture, and our statement of faith.

The Southeast Region

Within Sovereign Grace as a whole, we are members of the Southeast Region of churches. In this regional context, we enjoy the blessing of active gospel partnership. The pastors and churches within our region encourage and care for one another, provide wisdom and accountability for each other, and plant churches together. Most recently, our region planted a church in Cabanas Estates, Jamaica and assisted with the replant of a church in Prattville, Alabama. We love carrying on the co-laboring and partnership exemplified in the New Testament with our brothers and sisters in SGC and the southeast.