CrossWay College

CrossWay College is made up of intermittent classes that anyone can attend.  Each class has a unique topic and typically lasts 4-6 weeks.  Topics can include a specific doctrine, aspects of spiritual growth, church history, or a book/video study.  When a class is in process, CrossWay College meets in the Youth Room on Sunday mornings, 8:50am-9:45am, before church services begin.

Ever wish you had a better mental picture, or roadmap, of the Bible? How’s it organized? What kinds of books are inside, and what can I expect to find in them? The next CrossWay College class begins September 3rd and runs through November 5th. This 10 week class is a Bible Overview – a big picture survey – and will be facilitated by Tom Green. At the end of the class you will have a greater understanding of how the Bible is organized and how the different types of literature function. We dare say, at the end of the class you’ll love your Bible even more.