At CrossWay, we eagerly desire generational faithfulness, so we provide safe care and quality teaching for our children during the sermon portion of the Sunday meeting. Currently we have a nursery (infant to 2 years) and preschool (2 years through kindergarten) class. Before our corporate meeting, from 9:00-9:45 on Sunday morning, we have an elementary (1st through 5th grade) class, which allows these older students to receive lessons designed for their particular age, but also to learn how to listen to the preaching of the Word with their families.

Our Children’s Ministry leaders develop gospel-centered and age-appropriate lessons for our children so that they may learn the story of the Bible and hear the good news of Jesus Christ. If you have any questions, please contact one of our Children’s Ministry leaders below.

Lynn Wilson & Tammy Brown, Children’s Ministry coordinators

Laura Earls, Nursery coordinator

Our children’s safety is a top priority for us, so we require all Children’s Ministry volunteers to complete MinistrySafe training and screening. Furthermore, our secure check-in areas and monitored hallways ensure that your children have a safe zone in which to play and learn. For more information about MinistrySafe at CrossWay, contact Tim Bailey below and see our childcare policy.

Tim Bailey, MinistrySafe coordinator

Tim Bailey

Childcare Policy 
CrossWay’s Childcare Policy is based on policies derived from MinistrySafe, a training and screening service that we use to equip our church to conduct safe childcare programs. This page includes a few important policies in abbreviated format which parents may find helpful.

Volunteer Requirements &Training

Children’s Ministry volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, have completed MinistrySafe training, and have a clear background check. (The only exception to this policy is for our nursery, where a female under 18 may volunteer only when supervised by an adult who meets all of these requirements.) All childcare workers are trained in the contents of CrossWay’s child safety policies to ensure that children are kept safe, protected, loved, and led well in holiness during the time that they are under our care.

Supervision Policy
Children must always be supervised by at least two adults when not under the care of a parent. Under no circumstances is an adult to be left alone with a child. Children’s Ministry volunteers will always be scheduled in teams of at least two, and a member of the Usher Team may be called upon to supervise in the event that a Children’s Ministry volunteer must leave the classroom.

Sick Policy
If a child has experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 24-48 hours, we ask that they be kept out of children’s ministry to avoid spreading illness among the other children: a fever of 100.4 or more, vomiting, diarrhea, and/or sore throat.

Food & Drink Policy
No food or drink will be offered to children in our regular Children’s Ministry services, with the exception of water from the water fountain if requested, in order to protect children with food allergies. If children require food in a special event situation (i.e. an all day conference), we will notify parents ahead of time to approve selections or give specific instructions. Parents may provide their nursery babies with a bottle, but it must be labeled with the child’s name. Children will never be permitted to share food or drink with others.

Disciplinary Procedure
Should a child be disrespectful or argumentative, Children’s Ministry volunteers will reason with the child in a calm voice. No volunteer will be allowed to physically discipline or isolate any child for any reason. If calm, verbal encouragement leads to a change in behavior, parents will not be contacted immediately, but will be informed of the behavior issues and the measures taken that led to resolution. If the child does not respond to calm, verbal encouragement, parents will be called to care for their child.

Nursery Procedures
The goal of our nursery is to provide a safe and pleasant environment for children under two in order to free their parents to fully engage in the ministry of the church. Nursery volunteers will only change a baby’s diaper if they have been given express permission by the parents of the baby. If a baby becomes upset and cries, Nursery volunteers will endeavor to soothe and comfort the baby. If a baby cannot be consoled in a reasonable amount of time, parents will be called to care for their child.

Potty Procedures
Should a child need to use the restroom during class time, Children’s Ministry volunteers will notify an usher and then follow these procedures. For a male child, usher will escort child to the restroom, then stand in restroom doorway with door open; Children’s Ministry volunteer will stand in classroom doorway with door open until the child is returned to the classroom. For a female child, female Children’s Ministry volunteer escorts child to the restroom, then stands in restroom doorway with door open; usher stands in classroom doorway with door open until the child is returned to the classroom.