At the core of our church’s life and doctrine is the gospel. That Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners is our preeminent passion, both in our corporate worship and in our daily lives. Thus, we are active and intentional about being a cross-centered, gospel-preaching church. Surrounding this core is our emphasis on sound doctrine. Although labels are easily misunderstood, the following distinguishing characteristics of our church provide a window into the truths that define us.

We ascribe to historical evangelicalism. This means that we believe that the Bible is the essential and infallible record of God’s self-disclosure — and is therefore our final authority in all matters of life and doctrine. Furthermore, we believe that people must be saved by responding with faith and repentance to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We affirm the reformed doctrines of salvation. This means that we embrace and exult in the sovereignty of God over all things, and thus, we emphasize the activity of God and the glory of God in the salvation of sinners.

We embrace a continuationist doctrine of the Holy Spirit. This means that we are active in our pursuit and practice of the gifts of the Spirit as found in the New Testament.

Above all, we desire that these convictions inspire Christians with a passion for the local church, the context where all believers are to grow in holiness, be equipped for service, and bear witness to the saving grace of God.